Love Filled Stars

There was a couple who lived for each other but he considered himself an outcast, a no one.

Two hearts that were one, just like two burning stars.

Her creator created a star for every day their true loved burned.

He fell in love with the creator’s daughter of course.


They agreed they were meant to be forever.

The King of all Kings agreed to his proposition.

Hearts that waited so long that kept burning became one through bondage and courtship.


Their patience and love can be seen up above, their stars twinkle representing their hearts that are in sync.

 The princess waited, with virtue. As for the outcast, he was adopted by the creator, for he knew his heart and actions were filled with truth and honesty. He found out he was part of a long lost royal family.

This heavenly creator made stars for us to guide us but he also made stars for the lost lovers. Those who wait will always see a shining path towards their true love.  

This heavenly creator made some with hearts as big as the universe. Sometimes your true love is as lost as you were but love overcomes sin and it prevails.

*for Jon

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