Love Is Going To Kill Us All

She was madly in love with me,
and believe it or not, that was why
I walked away.

Like...I could do anything, and she
would suck it up like a boss. We
could be in a bar and I see a fine
chick, and walk up to her, and she'd
not get (too) mad.
She was (almost) always broke too...
because she always shared her
salary among her younger ones
-against my advice to save herself
first, and GROW her feckin wealth.
She called it love.
But that's not love...that's
low self esteem.
So I walked away because she
was a sinking ship -a sinking destiny...
Destroying herself one lover at a time.
Which also explains the poverty myth.
To grow wealth, you have to put
yourself first.
Its easy to sing "mo fe l'owo ju daddy mi o..."
But if we love our loved ones
more then we love ourselves, then
it is inevitable that we struggle all
through life.
Someone says Jesus died for all,
and I say its because he fuckin knew
he'd resurrect on the 3rd day. you have backup, I mean you reading this ???
People who do not respect themselves
enough to GROW wealth will automatically
attract poverty into their lives.
Oh well...enough with the sermon.

Every Mallam with him kettle.......


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