Love Hate - Authority equals power

Because I love you,

I put isolation within your heart

I ensure pain rests in your soul

I do it for the future, for the betterment of your life


Because I love you,

I will leave you with battle scars –

Both mental and physical, to ensure you cope with life 


Because I love you,

Everything you do is wrong, every step you make leads in the wrong direction

North, south, east and west have no bearing on my words

Therefore, your left should be your right, and your right should be your left

Why? Because I said so


Because I love you,

I will give you a million reasons why you will never succeed without my aid

I will never talk to you like a friend for fear you grow soft

We will never have a laugh together

We will never eat at the same table or share in deep conversations


Because I love you,

I have left you desperate, broken and abandoned

Never to know what happiness looks like

Preventing you from obtaining any glimmer joy you may find


Because I love you, I have demonstrated ways as to why I don’t love you. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Guide that inspired this poem: 


Jarin Rezwana

Love this poem. Anyone can relate to this poem. For example, parents/guardians always stand strong to show how high their expectations are for you. At first, you may not understand that it's all for your good but when you've achieved the most in life, all the pains and challenges become clear. Without the supervision of a guardian, it becomes hard to mold the future of a child who does not know the meaning of life and love. This poem trurly touched my heart.

Holly Nunnally

This is absolutely amazing love everything about it wish this was one of my creations lol don't ever stop love ur work big fan