The Love I Call My Own


Her eyes, blue like a deep ocean.

I dive in and feel the velvety soft water caressing my skin.

I swim through the endless waves of blue.

I don't thirst for air as I watch the sun dance across the surface. 


Her hair, as soft as a field of wheat.

I feel the warm sun wrap around my body.

I watch the tips of the grain glow a deep crimson as dusk approaches.

I close my eyes and listen to the whispers of the evening wind.


Her lips, smooth like a pearl.

I see  pure beauty in front of my eyes.

I watch as it shines in the light of the moon.

I taste salt from the ocean it was once a part of.


Her body, her passion, her mind.

I see her beauty bursting from her soul every time she smiles.

I feel her passion by the look in her eyes as she admires me.

I treasure every glimpse into her perplexing thoughts.

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