Love letter to literature

My love for you started young and early See you were an escape from all things badYou made me forget all the problems I hadYou looked so lifeless yet you were so powerfulNothing about you could ever be dullInside I was a ruler and a rebelI was old and young, poor and richI was a fair maiden or an old warty whichI was the bully and the underling You see you made me feel like I could be anything The sound of the turning of the pagesThe characters of all agesSee this is what pulled me inThe happiness within and the scariness that brought upon goosebumps on my skinBut lately it seems like I have no time for youTrust me I wish i did I really doBut there seems to be a strong wind pulling us apart So strong it feels like it’s also tearing out my heartSo strong that I can’t seem to breathe I can’t seem to escape no more I feel trappedLike my whole life has been capped and somebody forgot to leave the air holeLike diamonds no longer glitter in my soulYou see you brought light And now there is only darkness and frightAll along I thought I wanted you but you see what I had was needYou were like a bandage although my heart continues to bleedMaybe it’s not all bad thoughMaybe it’s time I face life and bravely take the blowMaybe it’s time I stop hiding And grab this life by the reins and start courageously riding But rather riding away from my all consuming fearAnd waiting till all the obstacles clear I will jump in head first And be prepared for the worst Till then this is not a farewellBut rather saying I have found a better place to dwellI have stopped living within you And started living outsideI will no longer hideBut come to you for my own pure joy and nothing more This doesn’t at all mean I will ever stop loving you Because my love for you still vibrates within my very essence and core