Love for A Moonchild


Spoke of you with ardency
Our bodies together, much like poetry
No need to speak, rhythms come from our figures
You were the stars to my sky
You'd become the glare in my eyes
Funny how things came to be
You were the sunshine to warm my skin
I let you in, because the light was everything I needed
I pleaded with my realities until you, my dear dream came to me
How sweet you were
More especially on the tip of my tongue
You were my love
I allowed you to evade my valleys
You were the water that filled my dams
Damn, everything came and went so soon
So now I live in this cold night sky as moon
Mother of dusk
And you live as sun
In the days, outshining my light
You're so bright
So beautiful, I can't help but to admire from afar
Wishing for the occasion of an eclipse, so I can be where you are
But until then you are missed, love


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