The Love of My Life

A relationship is as delicate as a rose.

There are rights, and there are wrongs.

The rights you do make the flower grow

and the wrongs will rip the petals.

The health of the relationship is the color of the rose.

A dark, parasitic relationship makes the rose turn black with evil plague.

A light, mutual relationship will make it white. Soft and beautiful.

What makes my rose, how i grow my rose. Will determine how beautiful my relation is.

My rose is pink. Soft with little thorns. I make sure it is safe, I'll make sure it's happy.

It is my life, it is my partner, it is my rose. Bright, soft, and growing.

When a storm comes, I will protect it.

When a parasite comes, I will save it.

When it turns blue, I will make it happy.

My rose is my rose, it is what keeps me, me. And what keeps her, her.