Loving You

Because I love you,

I could stare forever at your smiling face,

go to a movie and the only thing I see is your eyes.

Because I love you,

I take you out and we enjoy everything the world has to offer,

smiling through the streets, brightening the world..

Because I love you,

Hospitals seem that much happier,

as the fluorescent lights hum above us...

Because I love you,

your crying brings tears to my own eyes,

prayers to make the pain go away....

Because I love you,

We stay together through the suffering

Always there to help each other through it all.....

Because I love you,

Our two hands grasp for each other

One growing weaker by the day......

Because I love you,

We occupy our thoughts to keep our minds off the pain,

Unspeakable love passing between us.......

Because I love you,

I move on after you pass,

death claiming the one thing I love........

It's because I love you,

That life seemed a little bit brighter before you left the world,

and the things you loved most bring pain to my heart.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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