My body is an orchestrated madhouse
Suffering like a train to Nowheretown
I’ve got the sheriff’s star pinned to my jacket
And the moon hidden in my chest
So I can find my way home
Even though my nest
Is only made of tin cans and
Newspaper clippings that are hard to swallow
The footsteps of my nervous system
Cannot stop their dancing
To the beat of those train tracks
My dendrites and axons
Pulsing the tarantella
So I can relax my eyes
To the sound of the billions of cells
That built me the way the maestro
Seasons her baton
But the violinist is a loaded gun
She cannot stop her bow
As it wildly catches the strings
On her instrument like a dying star
The cellist tries to catch her
His notes an ambulance
That just didn’t get there in time
As the body collapses under its own weight
And the sheriffs line up to draw
A line to keep the violinist from going over
And multiplying past her limits
But the stars on their chests weren’t enough
For her falling arabesque
The harpist is a cherub without sympathy
Because let’s face it
The violinist should have jumped off that stage
Into the darkness of the desert sky
Saved them all from
The way the baton
Fell from the maestro’s hand like a sigh
The way that madness
Withered like the hope that kept them alive
Because orchestrated madness has a dark side
My body has a dark side
We all have a dark side
And this train
It’s going nowhere
Because somewhere requires the pocket change
A symphony just doesn't have


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