Mama's Lesson

A school kid without any breakfast,


In a trailer park without front steps,


Mama told me that I better help paint it,


After two years blue was a grayish,



Living out of money on the ground,

So basic,

When I earned my first dollar I didn't spend it,

Saved it,

Piggy bank on the shelf with no coin slot,


Mama fell asleep and never woke up,



I sang my brother to sleep with her memory in mind,

The same songs sung to me I invested in Kai's,

Kai is brother, only three years of age,

Turned six yesterday,

Oh how the years went away.


Mama tell me if I'm humbled,

Mama tell me that I'm okay,

I wish that God gave you wrinkles,

Let you live 'till your old age,

So I could still hear your voice,

And we would have bills to pay,

Instead of live in a home,

The home from home far away.


I miss that swing that I'd sit in,

The one that was on the playground,

But now it is broken,

And my feet touch the ground.


I still feel your presence,

Mama you taught me a lesson,

That I am who I am,

And I am always invested,

Put my money in the payments,

Without shoes on these pavements,

Knowing God gave us love,

No one can ever erase it.


I am your's truly until the day that I die,

I'll meet you in heaven with the stars in the sky,

No more broken swings but only wings to fly,

And that gray will turn to the blue of your eyes,

I am who I am,

Yeah you taught me a lesson,

I am not just your daughter,

I am a woman of patience,

A woman of love, of love and compassion,

And that love that we have won't ever need to be rationed.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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