the man i am


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the man i am

overcame welfare at the age of 4 


the man i am

withstood all the taunts and teases

because i'm a threat,

that all kids later found out

once boundaries were crossed,

they knew who i really was

i created that buzz


the man i am

at the age of eight

i was so broke

i had plastic bags

to go pick up plastic cans and bottles

on every block

walk over to 207th st pathmark and recycle them

with homeless people

to earn a dollar

not even a dollar bill,

it was all change

made sure i had enough change 

to buy a slice of pizza so i didn't starve from hunger

that same hunger 

is what drives me to me the man i am today


the man i am

overcame tragedy

when around the same age

my aunt was brutally murder 

by my father's brother

what you call that (an uncle)

the moment he killed my aunt

he was already dead


the man i am 

witness domestic violence

where my father hit my mother

more than once

although violence became a part of me

i'm determine to never become like him

i am better than him


the man i am

learned the harsh reality

the hard way when i was locked up

at the age of sixteen

and my so called friends disappear 

like a magic trick

i sat alone in that small space 

in prison, locked in a cell

and i made a decision 

thinking about all the failures

all the tragedies

i knew i didn't belong there

all i needed was a 2nd chance

2nd is what i got

i took it and never looked back


the man i am 

know about failure

when my own family exile me

wash their hands clean

and turned their backs on me

walked away from me and out of my life

because i became my own man

they were afraid

in their eyes

i became a threat

i started my own journey

my life was built to live on guilt


the man i am

went through losses



cast aside


passed up

i kept fighting

i kept  moving forward

i know what i'm worth

the moment i came out my mother's cold womb at birth


the man i am

save lives

it's always been said to never save someone

that don't want to be save

although that is true

i make sure at least my angelic sounds of aspiration

will be an inspiration to someone


the man i am loves women

been with many women

nothing new

but i knew at some point,

that lifestyle had to stopped

i'm glad she found me

i thank you baby

the man i am

became all puerto rican man

will always be the absolute best

stand out from the rest

times i'll fall

but i get back up

walking tall

real men stand up, 

fake dudes step to the rear

don't want to hear any excuses,

not even going to lend you my ear

I will forever be the man of the year

It's never about fitting in,

it's about standing out 

the man i am 

is the man i am today

who will continue to inspire lives



Very impressed, I have to say this one you brought your emotions out for the first time...chiyo chite chiqui chie chiro chimu chicho lol figure it out

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a reflection of what i had to endure
what i've gone through helped me be the man i become
thank you for your love and support

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i revised this poem 

give me feedbacks-show your luv and support

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