They say she's perfect
They call her an angel
Intelligent. Brilliant. Beautiful. Talented
Obedient and caring
Confident and daring
Bright future ahead
But is it really

For you see she isn't all pure
Nor perfect at all
For deep down lies a secret
Buried so deep
That it is forbidden to ever come out

But slowly it claws its way up
Her true self begging to be able to breathe
To be free from the shackles
From the cage
Of reality versus illusion

She hides behind this perfect smile
But deep down
She's screaming for mercy
She's caged

All her insecurities
Her pain
Her worst fears
Of Reality
All caged deep within

For she did what she had to to survive
Even if it meant selling ones priceless being
Her soul now trapped in the chambers of the lost

They say she's perfect

This poem is about: 
Our world


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