Maybe I'm a Fool

Maybe I'm a fool for falling for you,

Or maybe you're one for falling for me

Because you're innocent it's true,

But I'm not as I should be...

Though you know that and care anyway,

I can't get you out of my mind

Stuck on you 24 hours a day,

Seeming to only find

That I've fallen in love with you

When I'm about to move away

Though my love will stay true

For you every day

No matter where I am

And no matter where you are

I won't give a damn

No distance is too far

To make my feelings leave

And me give up

So forever I will try and weave

Our lives together with an occasional "wassup?"

And hope one day we see eachother again

With you ending up in love with me too

So a wonderful thing may begin

When you walk over to me and say "I love you"

But then again...maybe I'm just a fool...


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