This is me

I see myself as a confused individual, who knows exactly what they want in life.  

I see myself as the person who wears yellow to an all white affair.

Yes, I am unique I stick out like a sore thumb.

I am a couch potato who is as busy as a bee.

I am friendly but ironically I don’t like people.

I am the person who dances with no music on.

I have a great heart but; I am an asshole.

I am a nerdy jock. I am a big baby, who tries to act grown.

I view the world in a different point of view than others; I stand wide-eyed and wondering while I wait for others to awaken.

I am a teen who is ready to grow up and be on my own but knows that I don’t have the slightest idea about the real world.

I am a spoiled brat that thinks the world revolves around myself.

I shine as bright as a star at its finest hour but, I am as dull as grey.

I am the goofiest person ever; I laugh to make things hurt less.

I am the person everyone tries to figure out.

I am risk taker.

I am afraid that I will amount to nothing in life.

I am determined; success is my main goal in life.

I am serious but; immaturely mature.

I am person who smiles so no one will ask what’s wrong.

I am a person who strives for only four main goals in, which are success, love, loyalty, and happiness.

I am as sharp as a tack but, as dumb as a post.

My pride is so to where it makes me hide my true feeling: and make me seem just like the boy who cried wolf.

I am one big contradiction.

This is me; this is my identity.

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