me against the world

i just happen to sit on a meeting

where folks were trying to de-escalate stressors

some dude suggested the idea of mindfulness in the form of meditation utilize by buddhists

as people were being mislead with false representation, i just sat there feeling The Holy Spirit

1st, i went to the restroom to listen to the Holy Spirit

i kept massaging it because It was telling me the truth

my Holy Spirit never lies

Holy Spirit was pounding my chest saying do not entertain false practices

of course i did not entertain such fabrication

that guy facilitating the workshop accumulated self-admiration

while everyone else close their eyes on bogus imitation

i stand firm to my faith

i remain steadfast to The Lord, how awesome is He

Thank You for protecting me in that setting, a hostile environment

everyone was reflecting on what they think, they see

they were still blind, they didn't see the unseen

this dude continue on with phony dialogues about happiness

happiness comes from the scriptures of the bible that edifies love in so many ways, in so many chapters

suppress the oppression of mindfulness with a strong prayer life

where you don't hear sounds of kids playing in the playground

you don't hear the beeping sounds of sirens in a noisy section

all you need to hear is Jesus talking to you

receive all the spiritual inheritence of knowledge from God

who will undeniably help you distinguish His teachings from the world

that guy reminds of a modern scientist who is an atheist who knows nothing about God

and sells unnatural products that will self medicate pain call "breathe, exhale", and i forgot the other crap that one can find on androids and iphone apps

the only application you need to end the oppression of lies is call the bible (it's free of no cost)

what one can gain is more richer than books in barnes & nobles that cost money, along with taxes

don't let crooks

whether they look like dirtballs or in three piece suits

deal products that's harmful like crack and cocaine

you want your mind to relax

pray, always pray

and hold on to faith

always have faith

it's a good thing nobody ask me about my thoughts 

the abundance of the heart of what will come out of my mouth

the world will hate me

it's me against the world

the world will hate me even more because You are in me and i am in You

what am i going to do to my enemies if terror strikes

i pray for them


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Our world
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