Me On The edge..


Me on the edge, academics were on a ledge. No longer the excuses, education all wins no losses. My visions of success were clouded by stress. I needed a motivational asprin to ease me on my test. I did not have it so easily, no life lived breezily. Success is not racist, the trials and tribulations we face.Mom on drugs,father showed meno love.forward to present day, history in the making someday. My father has taught me from my mistakes, failure's no option everything I've  learned at stake. Well all I can say, no filter my feelings display. The more and more I hide it, the difficult it is to confide in it. I'am  a success story, my father a major contributor. God he kept me, when I realized what should'vebeen left of me. The life had many  chapters in it from goals to trials my life ending in conflict.  The chapters I make are they are still left unfinished. Iam not that  person anymore. The one who didn't have much food, the one who had no literacy who had to find his confidence, from let downs and cognizance. No filter describes me.everyone I truly knew,knew all about me. The good mostly the bad, I take it in stride. When I take a picture its the only way i CAN hide. #NofilterScholarshipslam

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Darnell fields



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