Me & You; You & I

Dear You,

Remember when we met?

Summer before eighth grade

The sun dripped honey and the leaves whispered secrets

But You

You killed the beauty of it all

You kept me in bed

Drained every last bit of energy I had

You had yet to introduce yourself then

An acquaintance I was not quite familiar with,

But one I would never be able to forget.

Remember when we danced with death?

A single cut too deep.

I sat and waited

Thought about the pictures you painted in my head

No more stress

No more disappointment




And darkness.

Remember the tiny voice that made me cry for help?

It saw the future



Finally feeling content

As they bandaged my wrist You growled in anger

Maybe not this time You said,

But next time you will not hesitate.

Remember when I tried to leave you?

Sophomore year

It is impossible to feel sad if you have no time to think!


You laughed.

I may have kept busy but you managed to slip through the cracks

In the shower

Before bed

Eating dinner


Like a jungle vine you continued to grow

Tightening your grip on my life

Remember junior year?

Lily Miller straight A all star

Dropped to

Lily Miller straight F burn out

You told me it did not matter

Reminded me I could not do better

You sat in the corner

Watching gleefully as I sat crying on my bedroom floor

Overcome with the realization that I was not me

I was You.

You will remember today.

The day I can finally see the sun

The day I pull you out by your roots

I will now proudly wear the scars you left

Shut my mind when You try to creep in

Remind myself that I am me

I am no longer You.

You no longer have control.


No longer yours,




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