As the leaves fall and the colors change, 

I got lost in my past mistakes. 

Passion is fading, 

As I start wading out into the ocean. 

The seagulls cry from places on high. 

And the wind gusts by. 

The beauty of the sea, 

Is a wonder to me. 

The sound of the waves engulfs around me. 

Petty is this picture 

Yet it’s just a glimpse in my mind  

A fading memory.  

But I can’t let it go. 

So I am holding it tight. 

Gives me such a fright. 

Cause I won’t give up this fight. 

The mountains are high,  

But look at the sky. 

The rivers may seem deep, 

Till you look beneath the surface of the ocean. 

Can’t create boundaries in my imagination, 

Only endless opportunities. 

Seeing places I’ve never been. 

Hearing stories that where never told. 

Won’t follow broken roads only to fall on sticks and stones, 

But paving a way to unseen treasures. 

To think from the mind,  

Only to create from the heart  

And record from the past. 


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