Memories of Oswald


I write to remember...

'member- sittin' in the grands house listening to past stories
lookin' at granma thinkin' 'bout all her future worries
'member lookin' at my momma thinkin' them grands would never die
next thing i know i'm lookin' at the inscription "RIP"
'member them oxtails, red beans and rice, and no veggies
'member granpa being able to feed hisself
granma sittin' in the kiitchen shucken corn
uncle standin' in the den frowning up his face
'member laughen' wit my folks- my family
lovin' life- Boy I 'member them days

I write to cherich...

ossie- good man, obediant to Gods word
ossie- humble, studious
ossie- kind, willing to help all in need
ossie- generous, at times going without, to help others to have
ossie- lean, black- and always knew how to talk back
ossie- later distant- mind wantin' to speak up, but his brain would'nt allow it-
his mouth kept shut

I write to let go...

'member them days- momma cryin', daddy too
momma say " my daddy died t'day"
daddy say ' ok- he was a good man"- it had'nt clicked yet
few minutes later daddy bawlin' head down- just cryin' like a new born baby

I write to encourage...

sister sad for the folks, but diatant mind wise
lord, but me- wantin' to help,
wantin' to make it better,
wantin' to live for grandaddy- so everyone would be happy again,
wantin' to laugh
wantin' peace

I write to move on...

I 'member them days- was some hard times
did'nt know grandad that well- but I 'member them days
Want them to return- for mommas sake- and daddys too- 
but most importantly for me
never knew him- never had the time
But now I wish I did-
even tho' I was young and unknowing
I wish I could 'member more 'bout them days


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