Memories of The Uneaten

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 12:04 -- hreades


Hazel beneath me, 
Lying on the ground
Dank tunnels embedded
Within me, all around
Blinding silence comes
In symphony with 
Clamorous black acid
Burning, at the Smith
But that's all to change
My savior he'll be
Chrome orbs nestl'd betwixt
His halo and me
My knight bathed in Styx
Entrance, grandiose
Wrecking my bastille
A slash, a chomp, viola
Out of dreck he did speel
Embraced so tender
I'm free! Once and for all
Chrome follows my movements
No harm shall befall
My enthrallment was
Mongrel he was
No hero to me
My cotyledon he wanted
To leave me empty
Now a shell of a nut
No tree will I be
Why did I wait
Wait for my laddie?
The whispers were right
Coco de Mer I was not
A mere, lonely mustard
Not as special as I thought
With my hat in my hand
And my innocence lost
To the Might-Have-Been Land
Chugged the train of my thought
I'm perched once again
Cozy silt coddles me
Fingers within ascend
Growing, growing, grown
Every fiber ablaze
Scintillating, shining
My abilities amaze
Little me, colossal me
Tendrils thronging skyward
My trident soars above
Perched there is a bluebird
Queen of her domain
Now when that squirrel returns
And makes his downy drey
He'll build within my ferns
He didn't eat that day
Seeds lie under my tree
Teach them not to hope in
Hazel beneath me, 
Lying on the ground


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