Metaphorical Cliffs

Fri, 01/26/2018 - 17:25 -- Tawney

I told you you did not want to date me because I would hurt you. Not long after that we started dating I hurt you. I left or of fear of getting hurt. Then we got back together. Later you left me on the edge of death. I had no choice so I left you. You left my on a cliff with nothing to hold on to. No explanation. You didn't dent it or admit it. So I lashed on that dark cliff alone just wanting something to show that it would be okay. But you were gone. I just wanted it to be over. My mind went to dark places. My mind tricked me. Out told me that it could comfort my broken heart. But my mind took over. Suddenly my darkest fears felt so real. I was the reason you did this. I just wasn't good enough. So you found better. Then we stayed friends. Great. I didn't evem want to look at you. But my heart did. It wanted to be healed. I still loved you.i started getting over you with help from my friends and lots of tears. I had started to loose my love for you when you brought it back. I told myself that I should hate you. That you would do the same thing again. I feared getting hurt again.
Then something changed. You were shining a little over my sad cliff. You helped me find my way. I am not uet able to walk away feom this cliff for I do not have all my strength back. Sometimes your light go's dim and I almost stumble into the dark abyse of the canyon bellow. Instead I try to hold up my little flicker of a light to give you comfort. But it is dificult to love someone when you don't love yourself.

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