Mind in Pieces

The voice in my head never stopsDay in and day outIt repeats what I’ve done wrongI can’t get through a day without regretting my pastMy head hurts more than my heart ever didMy heart was broken but I found a glue stickBut my mind is a tool that glue cannot fixI am brokenI am sickAnd no one will listenI’m asking for help and still no one will listenI’m screaming and cryingBut they will not listenThey won’t never listen?Why won’t they just listen?!I need you and it’s like you don’t see what I am!The tears on my cheeks are clear, not invisibleI want to scream until my vocal chords breakI want to pull out my hairMy mind is very sickBut they don’t seem to careI get the help I needIt helps more than they seeBut they don't see so the help is, of course, temporaryI want to cry and releaseBut I stay stationaryThey don’t want to seeThey’ve seen this beforeSo why would they seem to care anymore?I want to scream ‘till I’m hoarseI want to rip out my hairMy mind is so sickAnd they don’t even care 

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