Minds Wide Open

Clear the thoughts that bother and linger

Pick up that pencil. Roll it between your fingers



Eyes closed, head back. Writing this frees me

My mind is clear, yet full, as the words flow freely

From the pencil onto the paper into the minds

Of those who dare decipher what is written on these lines.

I feel like me. The me I was always meant to be.

With this pencil, I am queen. I am royalty.

When my mind is wide open, I see something brighter

Than the yellow pencil in my hand, than the neon green lighter

By my bed. I see a future worth living for.

I see a husband and children and a dog I adore. 

With minds wide open, we can escape

From pain and strife and heartache.

I, with my pencil in hand, will give my life for this

For this is all I know, this is my bliss.