Tue, 06/24/2014 - 17:25 -- 181ash


In the darkness of the night, the deep recesses of my mind, overbearing thoughts tear away and fumbles with my mental grace.

Fearing the most frightening of possibilities, making even the sweetest melodies, the softest rhythms, the most beautiful of hymns take on the most solemn undertones, giving each word a new meaning at night than they would in the light.

Hidden demons of each word torturing my stability, threatening to shatter my emotional flexibility.

I become selfish.

Holding on to my sanity.


Trying to achieve the peace that everyone else gets.
Grasping for that peace, clarity, and without warning, day turns night.

The darkness once more reaches for me.

The agonizing chill of my logic creeps up in the shadows behind me.
I turn to see my pursuer,

and see my reflection.


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