Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, mirror,

On the wall,

Tell me what you



When I look at


I don't like

What's looking back at me.


I can't pretend 

I like the way

My stubborn hair 

Will fall. 


And I don't like

The scars I bare,

I don't want to look, 

No, not at all.


Lupus split me open,

It cleaved my soul in two,

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, 

That's what I see in you. 


Mirror, mirror on the wall

I wish you weren't so true.

For when I look into your depths

I'm ashamed of what I see.



And pain

And loathing.

Is that really me?


I cannot face myself, you know,

I cannot stand to try,

To face that disappointment, 

I would not when that fight. 


But, mirror, mirror

On the wall let me ask you this

I know that I can't face myself,

But do you think he might?


Mirror, mirror, on the wall

My dear and oldest friend, 

I have one thing to ask of you,

Have you nothing else to send?


Mirror, mirror, 

You lied to me

You see, 

I thought you loved me so. 


But, mirror, mirror on the wall,

Fuck all of your tricks.

There's someone better waiting, I think I ought to go. 


I thought I heard you say my name, 

I'm pretty sure I did.

So I cam running back to you,

I cannot hide my shame.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

There's nothing else to hide.

You know all of my secrets,

You've taken all my pride.


No matter how I leave you, 

You'll still reach out for me,

Because no matter what this boy says,

I still don't like what I see. 


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