Wed, 08/27/2014 - 00:58 -- JBentz


Pretty much everyone looks into a mirror at least 10 times a day.

But what are they looking at?

Most people are doing the obvious thing and checking themselves out.

Some are making sure they don't have any of their lunch stuck in their braces, 

and some are trying to make sure they look good for the dreamy new kind in 6th hour. 

But i looking into the mirror for a little different reason. 

When I look into the mirror,

I'm not only seeing me as of now, 

I'm seeing me from the past. 

Growing up,

I definitely was not the cool kid,

I wasn't good at sports, 

I didn't have people lining up to be my friend, 

I had weird eyebrows,

basically, I was a little dork. 

But as I grew up, 

I not only grew into my sisters hand-me-down jeans,

I also grew into myself. 

I stopped trying so hard to be accepted,

and started focusing on me. 

People started noticing how awesome I am. 

Now I am close friends with the 'cool' kids

as well as my firth grade best friends who stood by me with my weird eyebrows and all!

What I'm trying to say,

is that I want to grow up to be someone my past me would be proud of. 

I want that little, dorky girl who sits in the back of my mind 

to see me when I look into the mirror and think,

'The past didn't matter, I grew up pretty good."


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