miscellaneous minds

Turn a misonception into your greatest lesson

break away from the crowd and make an unfamilliar impression

get a diploma instead of worrying about finnessing

cool people are everywhere dont worry about who you are impressing

think about life as a gift from the lord

you became your own person as they severed your umbilcal cord

your mind your heart and your bod can be weapons of steel

or they can be a stronger persons next meal

you can never be broken by a weaker will

but your intention towin honestly has to be real

I find it funny how gossip can spread like a sickness

yet when it comes to tellng on people there is never a witness

open your mouths and speak your thoughts

instead of remaining mute like your throat is full of blood clots

I've never been one to hide what im thinking

I can say whats in my mind proudly with no thoughts of shrinking

sometimes in life you need to speak up

the quiet drinker becomes stuck with the empty cup

I could never be quiet

My words are the storm that will not be subsided

I will not be stopped once I become excited

and I speak the truth no matter how often others try to fight it

our minds have no resemblance

though we may share common thoughts and ideals

two great minds may have semblance

but in the end no one can ever fully understand how the other feels

as long as there is diversity

there can never be equality

for we as a people cannot understand the ignominy

of downgrading humanity

Time stops for no man

and father time cannot be reasoned with

you must do the best that you can

to the extent of your wit

its sad seeing what our world has come down to

its a shame meeting people who just dont have a clue

take a look around and you can see just who

ask if you had 48 hours left what exactly would you do?

Is there a reason for love in a world so cruel?

Why are we all grown up just to be used as a tool?

why is it that when our culture falls apart we all act so cool?

I got all these questions and theres always something new

but theres an answer to them all I just wonder what is true

I search for the meaning in our lives, what about you?

Your own lifestyle is what you must follow

give your words freedom and restrain the will to swallow

live for today in case your death is tommorow

cherish the day and live without sorrow

- Malik Blackwell



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