The Mixed Mind

The feeling makes you shy to talk, But your curiosity stops you from clenching your teeth, The feeling causes you anger,  The words cause you to be distracted throughout the day,   The mind leaves you in a state of confusion, From all the words in your head, Wondering the reason for its saying, You boost my self esteem,  But there is always those words that lowers it, Like the voices in your head, The heart is as broken as the mind, The physical pain is nothing to you,  The mental pain is what hurts, You try to bring the chaos in your mind into peace, Like the cops and the crime in the streets, You wish you had the courage but the feeling won't relinquish the fear,  Like all the regrets you wished you would've done, Your minds dedication to drive you crazy, Is like trying to be achieve success, Your patience with people is so little,  The words make you uncomfortable, Like an animal out of its habitat, The idea with of you in my mind is like a ferris wheel, never ending.    

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