A Moment of Hope


United States

It is dawn and the blistering and bright sun has yet to grace me with its presence….

Which will remind me of all of the things I still have yet to accomplish today.

I sit quietly, stirring my piping coffee, and allow the aromas to pass my through my body…

In hopes that it will energize my spirit enough to demolish these sleepy eyes, but the headache remains.

Seems as though just a moment has passed, when I realize my life is already in full-swing.

And in this constant battle between doing what is right and routine,

I still feel my soul searching for something...

But then there are swift and beautiful moments that flash by,

 As if the brightest star in the whole universe was waiting to combust one last time,

And once again my soul feels rejuvenated and alive!

In these wonderful moments, I am on top of the world and nothing can hurt me,

And I will take nothing more or less, to write down the magnificent things that I am feeling.

And as the old story goes, that so many of us writers know,

Our artistic ability to describe things in our lives song fully,

Gives us untouchable and unstoppable hope.

Hope to strive for better, and keep on keeping on, 

Hope to live life as we want to, and to keep pushing harder and strong,

Hope for better tomorrows,  and to keep life's obstructions and demons at bay,

Hope that one day,

Someone will finally understand these beautiful and complicated words that we say.



By: Ciara Bri'd Frisbie. 



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