He is quite round and not very tall,

But he’s the most fearful creature of all. 

He has small teeth, no claws, and little hair,

He scares with sneer, shout, or glare!


This creature has no defense except one

His voice is the loudest under the sun

He wails and wails until he has won

Until he has deafened everyone.


Now speaking out loud isn’t bad to do

Unless one refuses to speak the truth

People willingly listen as people often do

Even to a creature came out of the blue


Muslims are terrorists,

The Poor, hilarious,

Latinos are lazy,

Women are crazy,

Blacks are criminals,

Disabled, despicable!


One small creature so loud and powerful

He makes all this hate allowable

It’s true he has no teeth or claws

But he can hurt you with his laws


If you wish to see him quiver, 

approach him on Twitter

If you wish to hear a confession,

Ask in quick succession

Yet this only startles the little beast

Who has too many listeners to be beat


So how to defeat this tiny one 

who yells the loudest under the sun?

Many have tried but few know how

Can Elizabeth or Bernie even save us now?


People will listen as people often do

But not this one, who yells ‘til he’s blue

And when he wails he cannot hear 

The screams of those he leaves in fear

Though he says he has but innocence, 

He’s blinded by his own ignorance


If you hear in the night a scoff or a “humpf”

You can only assume it’s the one: Donald Trump

The newest man to join the league of the greats

The President of our own United States


This poem is about: 
My country



That's a terrible poem about our President.  President Trump is not a monster and he isn't full of hate.  The only people, who are monsters, are the ones who attack President Trump's fans and those same attackers are full of hate.


I really liked this poem and think it's really accurate to how he treats people, regardless of what others say. I also really liked your use of describing him in such a way that you would think you're talking about a fictional monster had you not lived in America. (not to say I think he's unhuman, but I really liked the descriptions) :) 

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