The Moon and the Spew Sea

Wed, 12/19/2012 - 01:41 -- jmeira9


United States
42° 40' 56.3448" N, 73° 50' 52.0332" W

Full moon lesions
Creeping out of snail shell
The gagging sounds yellow and full with admission
The hanging mound’s inevitable position

Loosened hosts at attention still
A will
That can never spill
Or dissolve for the benefits of solution

Watery clocks stopped
Making their own goo
And leak now from
The chimed tick of the hollow
Cold fission will follow

Cold genesis sits up
Opens its window
Split with religions
Oracling planetary privileges
Hissing Olympian recognition
Fingering my inappropriate coefficients
Opening my lips and
Slipping me an equivalent

Tupleting with vicious precision

Quick splitting visits
Sick with division
Sick little hiccupping
Fits of initiative
Victim mimicking
Binging autistic

My spit up met with
Sphinx grimace
Osiris scattered in halves
Ridding the body of mass and
At the same time
Creating a greater amount of free energy
Floating over the parts you have hidden
Ritualists lost in Egyptian tradition
With no regard for the laws of physics

Out of body experience
There is another here with us
It knows you, it is obvious

It’s presence triggers future connections
We remain unaware of

A hand is covering my mouth
I am not sure that is allowed

Who is this invisible slut?
Sub strung
Forcing my mouth shut?
The pulling from beyond

Brooding it inhabits us
Rubbing up
Courting assistance

My suspense my
Stiff neck my
Old stretch in the dark

We revolt
Ectoplasmic citizenship now
Cellular chants repetitive vows
We perform monk dipped extinguishings
Well into the vaporizing hours

We insist on breaking the skin
We risk subcutaneous punishment

The tissue mounding
Hell bent on cavity
Spins on its axis
And then is gone
You whisk us from abscess
With a trembling of your wand

The other has drifted on

But what tagged along
Half eaten
Losing breath
Losing next
To me in white bed
Sweet pity nausea laws animal dread

Washed up species
Fleeing genocide
Glazed with the first high of upright surprise

Springing slack conversions
Widespread vertebrate insurgence
The last of the native contractions
Yank out and drag their young
Across the slow bridge of extinction

Now is the time:

If you pried it wide

If you skin alive
Go in

For exit in vehicles veering toward trees
Engine bowels and
Warm towels and now
Just you and me

Wrapped up and blanketed
All of us accidents
Strapped up and thankful
We got back in one piece

Now my dreams of you are sandy
But I still dream
Like we are swimming promethean deep
Grinning with the unsinkable willfulness
That has
Lifted this perfect division from me
Floating up among the white foam
Waking up to white pokes
Hard and skeletal
Charmed and welcoming
Full on hypnosis skin accomplices

My hint of skeleton
Grabs your hand grabs my leg grabs your hand grabs my neck
My inside to snap twig
Echo of blood in sap lick
Howl of skin spilled with drink
Shout of guts in the sink

Our alignment was rigged.

Howl of skin in the streets
Shout of guts in the deep

…just shut up just shut up just shut up and let me


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