Moonlit Redemption

The great shining beacon of Light.
Reaching out to me in the pitch black night
Guiding. Leading. Forgiving.
Forgiving me for losing my way.
Leading me out of the fray.
The glory of It is second to none
Other than that of the great blazing sun.
I sit, look up, then stare in wonder
My hopes had once been cast asunder.
But with the darkness behind me
I push forward into the Light.
Nothing can stop me
Now that glory's in sight.



There is something very magical about the light that you are presenting in this poem. By the title one would assume it were the light cast by the moon, but by the poem I've got more of the light you see as your dreams, your ambition, the life that is about to come. It is short but it is powerful and I thank you for sharing this uplifting piece.


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