The Most Authentic Version of Myself


Authentic [adjective]

described as being real 

or genuine

not fake or copied


Undone, unwound 

the strings that make me, 'me'

I am, without the filter or the makeup

the purest form I could be


There is a certain kind of peacefulness

that comes with being authentic

the fact that anyone I chose

can see who I honestly am


Hair down, no makeup

You now focus on the qualities that matter

How I have a passion for art and art history

but critique and throw away everything I make

and believe I don't know enough to even curate a museum


Envious of my friends whose bodies are perfect

no stretch marks or imperfections

but I've reached the age to see that those things

make me different, and now I'm happy


Numerous times I've been told

the way I talk about the unjustness of this world

could just be enough to make a difference 

and I plan to do so in the future 


To make sure women of the generations to come

are never questioned "What were you wearing"

when reporting sexual assault


I, since a very young age, have sought to please

even the most depressed or unwilling people

I see myself as a person who refuses to give up

on someone no matter what


Coming to this state of mind, realizing my 

passions, qualities, and plans

is the most authentic version of myself

and I believe I will be that person

until the day I die

This poem is about: 
Our world


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