Mouse Trap - J.Marie

Tue, 07/07/2015 - 13:42 -- J.Marie


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You got me reeling, spewing anger, frustration, feeling!

Fueling my insecurity, can't you see you are killing me!

I seek closure in this rapture, no release, caught and captured!

You great hunter, your perfect shot, aimed at my heart, and my heart you got.

Give it back, I scream, and shout, unlock my cage and let me out!

Begging, pleading, dying, bleeding!

Why must you be so cruel? You sit and let me play the fool!

Your twisted pleasure in my pain, breaks my insides, breaks my brain!

This mouse not meant to meet you cat, but you were not accepting that. 

You set your sights upon my soul,

caught it, killed it, then swallowed it whole!

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