Move on

I am not a punching bag,

Or the solvent to all your problems.

I am not your doctor, your therapist, or your medicine.

I can not keep you happy all the time,

And I shouldn’t be used for that sole purpose.

Because you will not be satisfied.

My love is not an all you can eat buffet,

Full of everything all of the time.

I am not open 24/7;

Sometimes I have to close for my own health.

I am not always happy,

So when I am, please don’t make me feel bad.

When i need my own time,

Do not make me feel like I owe you it all.

When i am sad, don't make it about you.

Most importantly, don't try and make yourself seem worse off.

Ask me how I am. Ask me whats wrong.

When you make plans with me,

Don't just toss me aside for someone “better.”

Because by then I already feel worthless.

When I wait days on end to hear from you,

Dont message way later saying you missed me.

Especially not when you really didn’t.

Don't beg for me to tell you my secrets,

If you can't keep them to yourself.

And don't make me out to be the bad guy,

When i stand up for myself.

I am not an area rug, meant to wipe the dirt off your feet.

I am not the bag boy, forced to carry your heaviest baggage

So that you may be free to do other things.

I am a person, with human rights you’ve neglected.

You seem to forget who has always stood by your side,

When you couldn’t stand by mine.

Don't think I will always be here for you,

Im growing weary on the never-ending path

Of a one sided relationship,

This fountain of my love has begun to run dry,

For you have no filled it in a long time.

All you seem to do lately is take and take

But now, I have nothing left to give.

This foundation that we had built,

Is starting to crumble, and I am not strong enough

To build it back up.


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