The Movement to Freedom


United States
34° 6' 13.32" N, 117° 39' 39.906" W

Abraham Lincoln was the author of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 16th president of the United States

Martin Luther King Jr was an inspiration and the leader of the civil rights movement

Both fought and died to change African-Americans Fates

In the beginning, we were disrespected in the North and the South

We started as slaves for the white men we called “master”

Everyday we would get up, work, and keep a quiet mouth

At the time we had no education or knowledge to fight back

And all this time it had been many against one

Then Abraham Lincoln one day stepped up and wrote the document called the Emancipation Proclamation as a comeback

This document gave us an opportunity to start a new life and pursue our dreams

People randomly lynched, killed, and beaten African-Americans out of hate

Then it came to us that freedom wasn’t what it seemed

Abraham Lincoln was one day confronted and shot

The whites knew his punishment would come sooner or later

And without Abraham Lincoln, Family was all they got

Then, 64 years later a man that would change history permanently was born

He was known as Martin Luther King Jr.

Except he claimed African-American freedom with a voice not a form

He created a speech 34 years later called “I Have A Dream”

He stated that people should not be judged by their skin color but by their character

After his statement, little by little, white weren't so mean

Society started to accept us for who we are

But Martin Luther King Jr. was also later assassinated

It was tragic, but in the end, both Lincoln and King’s rebellious acts of what’s right took society far

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