Sun, 09/07/2014 - 00:01 -- DesiB

Is all you have to say
as we walk each other by.
Instead you let my presence go missing
because I entangle vowels with consonants
synchronize self-love with confidence.
too ethnic
too girl

Combine the prefix of frail skeletal construction
with this base off-white tanned complexion
matched with a brightened suffix of a disposition,
and receive a mouthful of diction. It's confounding.
You're confused
You ignore me.

I contradict the image in your head of what my skin is supposed to be
Smack the prescription out your hand of what my ovaries mean to me,
a combination of syllables that refuses to be disassembled
for the pleasures of your ignorant spelling.
too ethnic
too girl.

Try a thesaurus.

Because my curls, they give me confidence
My frailty, it makes me fabulous
My skin, it's my supporter
My vowels, engulfed in vanity.
and it offends you
so you don't hear me.

I still love myself like Kanye
Run my world like Beyoncé.
I wear my self-love on a soap box
let my loudspeaker eminate
until it's forced to resonate
with every person walking by me on the sidewalk.
You're going to hear me.

So say hello.


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