Music Talks


Sweet symphonies caress the ear. Abundant vibrations fill the hole. Dreams.

Life without sound, is but a deep eerie void. Agony and despair run rampant. Nightmares.

I wake up, my soul is uplifted. I regain hope as I reach for the cord. The cups fit snug against my ears, I anticipate stories. Music talks.

Pumping blood, we reunite. I am alive. I lost track of time, I am lost and found at the same time. I know the music will take me away. Unbound, I kiss the sky. I stay high.

I surrender, and I let her go. The sweet symphony concludes, yet I discovered life, and I realized. Music is my friend. My friends never die. Given the chance, music talks.



I enjoyed being creative and thinking about how much music means to me. Music has the power to change your mood, and it has certainly helped me through so much in my life. I am glad to pay tribute to my best friend. Music

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