My Awesome Quest

The awesome part of my life,

No, it's not about me getting a wife,

But about my dream to become a chef,

Yet i have some time left.

Ive always aspired to be a smart man,

But then again, sometimes you don't always have the right plan.

We dream BIG, BOLD, and Out there!!

And you dont really get the right pair,

The right pair to make your hair stand in the air.

No, the pair is not like socks,

But the knowledge you get in school that gets the world shocked.

The AWESOME part of my life is not far from now,

This school year, i plan to plow.

No, not snow, but the show that'll make you stand up and say WOW!!

So, im college bound in a few weeks,

I plan to stay caught up and always on my feet.

I just want to say one more thing.

The awesome part of my life is being able to dream.

Dreaming the dream that doesn't make you want to go back and say "Wait I think I mean..."

But I will succeed,

And not be that boy on the street every person thinks i'll be.



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