My Best Friend

My best friend,

There for me through thick and thin.

Steady like the summer wind

That's my best friend


Calm, when the waters are rough

Calm, like at gentle breeze, 

Taking away my worries with ease

That's her, thats's my best freind


Lost, without her I would be

Like a foolish boy who runs away

Finding himself with nowhere to stay

He wanders among the trees


Lost in the woods

Not knowing the way

Like and unmanned boat

Getting swept away


Struggling to fight the current of life

I hear a soothing sound,

The sound of a Gentle Breeze

And I feel myself coming around


No longer trapped in a restless riptide

The fog in my head, pushed to the side

Back into the soothing swells

 My thoughts as clear as clean crystal


No longer lost in a haze,

I see that its a brighter day

Lit up by my Best Friend

Bringing my pain to an end


There for me since day one

Meaning much more 

Than just having fun


That's my Best Freind

My Gentle Breeze


A girlfreind, it could be said

The very best Best Freind, is what I say







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Poem for the #becauseiloveyou scholarship. I know one could go a lot of different ways with that topic, so hopefully this isn't too far off. It is all metaphorical, describing love through multiple allusions to different scenarios and finally bringing it all back together

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