My Blessed Pen and Paper

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 22:10 -- esme753

My Blessed Pen and Paper


Today I write the perfect story

Today I paint the perfect picture

My words should make it happen

My strokes should make it vivid

That is because I love you.

How many times have you said it?

How many times did you mean it?

Each syllable recited

slowly wrapped its hands around my neck

As I gasped for air,

there it was...

a sense of what it should have meant---

that you would respect me

that you woud be loyal

that you would honor me

that you would be gentle,

not harsh with your words

and then come to tell me

it was because of your love.

I then wished you would hate me

Since all you did was the exact opposite...

You would not respect me.

You would not be loyal.

You never honored me.

Your harsh words broke me.

I finally regain my last bit of strength

it was enough to break me

from your chains

it was enough to allow me

to walk away

I finally understand

"Because I love you"

should reassure the security

I have gained from

the warmth of your soul

It should not have ignited the fire around me

that a breeze has bestilled

I wrote the perfect story

I painted the perfect pcture

My words made it happen

My strokes made it vivid

It now stands immortalized...

Beause I deeply love you.






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