My Dream

I have had a dream,

as cliche as it could be,

I want to be a dancer.

To dance every hour of every day,

To feel that freedom,

the control of my feet.

Ah yes, that is what I dream.


However, I want to do more than dance.

I want to be inspiration.

I want to have a studio

where I can accept people all people.

Most of all

I want to give children and adults

with special needs 

a creative outlet.

One that many try to exclude them from

just because they are different.


I want to show them compassion.

I want to show them passion.

I want to show them joy. 


Ah yes, I have a dream.

One little job that could change my life.

One I hope to use to change other's .

Yes I have a dream,

as cliche as it may be,

It is mine.


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