My dream to sing


Dream. This is all about me?
Yeess! Can you not see
that I have been waiting, waiting
for the job that tells me I can sing.


Ah ah ah a ah ah ah ah.
You know, that kind of thing?
My frustrations, my joys, the power in me.
Sing, sing, sing, sing.


And nothing can stop m.
I can do ANYTHING!
For I am not scared, no.
I can do ANYTHING!


All I have to do
is step on a stage
and perform for the dream I have lived, on cue.
Because my dream will not be locked in a cage.


So, my future dream to sing.
Boy has it always been in me.
I just never knew, never knew.
But now I do!


With my mom at my back,
my dad at my side,
my sisters, too, along for the ride,
no obstacles I face will be hard to crack.


I cling to words, the ones flowing from my mouth.
They help me cope with the burdens too big to bear.
I feel the words coming from North, East, West, and South.
And when I sing, I can stop the hurt, or pain, or even despair.


And that is why I want to sing.
It is all because I care.
I love the world, my friends, family; and I will see what my words can bring.
I will let the care be shared!


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