My Escape


United States
32° 45' 13.9752" N, 115° 35' 30.4512" W

I write my feelings
I write about my worries.
When everything else seems unappealing
I write in a hurry.
When nothing else calms me
My poems are my refuge.
Inspiration blooms forth from my mind
And it takes me on a wild ride.
Writing doesn't hurt my pride
I cannot deny.
Sometimes I scream like a banshee
When nothing is right
And the day is not my cup of tea.
I have my days of glory
And everything's "hunky-dory".
I write about those days
But I write more of the gory.
My itch to write is greatest on such subjects
And my head swims with ideas that seem perfect.
Some would I say I am crazy
Because I write about such things that sane people reject.
If you are hurting such as I
Then I assure you your flawless writing will fly.


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