My Fault

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 15:02 -- Azreal

Your fault

These are the most damaging words

ever spoken by human tongues

Ever written by human hands

Ever seen in human eyes.

My fault.


See some people have problems

placing all the blame on others

And some do the opposite

They take it all


The failed test

My fault

The broken dish

My fault

The accident

My fault

The sun and moon and stars falling from the sky

My fault

The hurricane

The tornado

The death

The loss



I have this problem

I take the blame

Take the fall

I think it's because i'm not good enough

And the bad quality of the lives of my friends and family

Are all my fault


Sorry is my catchphrase

that I say at least twenty times or more

on a good day

And the thought of it being your fault never crosses my mind

You failed a test

I should have helped you study

You broke a dish

I should have used plastic ones

You were in an accident,

I should have stalled you from leaving


It's a minefield

And no one wants to say it was their fault

So they let me take the blame

I have bruises from the bully in my head

Not smart enough

Not good enough

Not pretty enough

No one wants you

Is what she says trying to prove that it was

In fact all my fault


This poem is about: 
My family