My Final Goodbye

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 23:27 -- Mo.017

One day you will wake in the middle of the night. Believing that you hear the melody of my voice, and wake with a fright. But realizing what you heard was only a sweet sweet dream. You will softly sob, and shed enough tears to overflow a stream. For you will regret letting me wonder so far to the point where I’ll never retreat. But you have no one to rebuke but you and your faults. I begged you not to let me go. And gave you countless notions. Time after time after time after time after time after… No. Stop. That’s something you will never take from me again. Not my time, not my blood, not my tears, not my love, not my soul. They’re not yours to take. But that’s all you’ve ever done, and I want you to bear that in mind always. I need you to remember all those things I gave to you. Because they are also all the reasons why I drifted away. Now I’m nothing but a sweet memory in your mind. But you’re a mortifying nightmare in mine. Except now I’m finally awake. But before I leave I want to give you a gift. No. A curse. Your mind will forever be embedded with the silk of my voice, the shimmer in my eyes, and the love from my soul that I devoted only to you. But now that I have flown away, you will cherish the ghost of these feelings even more. For you know you will never have anything close to it again. But its too late for realization or regrets. For as you sink deeper and deeper into the dark abyss that is your soul, mind, and heart, I will continue to elevate higher and higher until I reach pure tranquility in my mind and soul.


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