My Form of Expression

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 16:49 -- Tiona

Life and its many surprises.

What happens before each sunset and after sunrises.

That is why I write.


The ups and downs,

the smiles, the frowns,

the laughs, the snorts,

the conflict of all sorts.

That is why I write.


The reality of what is real.

The burden on my chest that makes me feel

my frustration and my loneliness.

The secrets I can't confess.

That is why I write.


The ever present feeling of being alone.

What makes me feel like I'm on my own

to deal with all this sorrow,

wishing and hoping for no tomorrow.

That is why I write.


Going from walking back to crawling.

Climbing so high, yet still falling.

From victory to failing.

The screams, the shouts, the wailing.

That is why I write.


Losing my family, but trying to be strong.

Yearning for them all day long.

That is why I write.


When someone tells me one thing but does another,

one more disappointment to add to the others.

The promises that aren't fulfilled,

Yet, I smile and do not cry still.

That is why I write.


The pain, oh the pain

that leaves me with nothing to gain.

My heart so heavy and soul so drained.

I want to explode but I must refrain.

That is why I write.


The pressure, the guilt, the fears

that travel with me through the years.

Not seeing the perfect end in sight,

but knowing I must still fight.

That is why I write.


The truth, the lies,

the tears behind my eyes.

And although I try,

I refuse to cry.

That is why I write.


My goals, my dreams.

Knowing life is more than what it seems.

Knowing that in the end, I will somehow win

and believing this pain shall never strike again.

That is why I write.


Because I am gifted and able

to write when my emotions are unstable,

to somehow still express myself

when I feel as if there is no one else.

To know a journal and pen will be there

when I need to release my cares.

That is truly why I write.




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