For My Future

Sun, 01/11/2015 - 18:15 -- Tioma

I am not interested in being seen as ugly as a flea-ridden rat or as attractive as a shiny pearl,

And I care not for taking "selfies" or using social media to acquire friends or followers.

Hiding behind the effects of a camera or make up has never been done by this girl.

I don't even care if my words are liked since I'm only making this poem to earn a few dollars.

Please do think I'm trying to be condescending

I am just a average teenager who considers herself a loser.

I only hope the words in this poem can help me be apart of the world of gaming!

For I want to be a video game designer in the near future,

So in the end I don't want to be seen, or care if people like my style

I just want to use this scholarship money to make a game that will make people smile!

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