My Inspiration- not to be forgotten

There was nothing more between us
But some pleasant conversation
Though when you looked right at me
My heart had palpitations
My heart had opened up
For love (to come from you)
Those eyes of yours consumed me
With a beautiful, silent passion
Your voice, oh that voice
Like the calm in a storm
Like smooth melted butter
How it soothed my mind
How you changed my view
On that little thing called love
Why were you so perfect to me?
So perfectly imperfect
Maybe we'd be sweet together
You simply think I'm sweet
You'll be the sweetest memory of mine
Concerning love and feelings
My sweet, foreign love
Oh what a gentle foreign love
I didn't have the words until I met you
It was hard to find a muse before I met you
The words just flow, my feelings bloomed
We never were, but my feelings were
I can always write a poem for you.


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