My Laugh

People say that my laugh is the thing that they love most about me. They love how it spreads out, ever so contagious, and they smile. They say their day brightens, and that listening to whatever joke I just told was worth hearing my laugh. But, nobody knows that I laugh because I love hearing other people laugh. I can create a loud laugh with a little giggle, and the chuckles that ensue is so worth it. There is no greater joy than seeing and hearing that you are making someone’s day better, making it brighter. And while I am to blame for horrible puns, I am not sorry for them. Laughter is an escape. It’s why comedy can be so entertaining, why it’s considered a cathartic moment in literature. It brings a sense of relief in a darker moment of the day, and that’s what is so incredible about it. The funniest part about me loving laughter is that I am a rather shy person upon meeting someone new, and rarely do I alleviate the tension with a joke, only doing so in the company of those I know. It’s strange, but it’s who I am. And I love it. It’s who I am at my core. Pure, simple joy.

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